Saturday, September 04, 2010

Donald's Great Adventure - More Trade City, USA Pin Event Decor

Hello Fans! This is Donald Duck once again.

Although the Trade City, USA pin celebration event is over, I still have a couple of pictures from that event that I want to show all my fans. Disney has done a nice job of decorating the place, even though they did quite a bit of recycling from previous year's events. Still, I managed to walk around the event and inspect several of the decorations that they have put up.

ZapperZ thought that I should have a picture with one of the broomsticks. I said yes. Little that I know that he wanted me to be IN THE BUCKET!

Oh well, just to humor him, I hopped into one. It was actually quite comfy. I could take naps in there.

We then went over to the Alice in Wonderland table. They weren't serving afternoon tea then, ZapperZ thought that I should climb into one of the teapot. I told him it wasn't a good idea, but he insisted. Rather than waiting for me to say yes or no, he picked me up and shoved me right into the teapot. How embarrassing!
Of course, as you can guess, I got stuck! It took ZapperZ and another person to pull me out of that stupid teapot. Ruffled my well-groomed feathers, it did!

Other than that embarrassing incident, I had a wonderful time at the pin celebration event. Met many of my fans. I can't wait to come back for next year's event.


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