Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Dragon Pulled From Fantasmic

This news article is reporting the troublesome dragon at Disneyland's Fantasmic. It is now out of the show due to technical problems.

But on Monday, Disney officials confirmed that the dragon was down for the count again, this time indefinitely. They described the ailment as some kind of "technical" problem during Saturday's show.

Fans were a bit more precise. The beast had collapsed during the show, they reported on, a fan website. Or as one observer suggested, Maleficent pulled a "face plant."

Photographer Rich Martin of Trabuco Canyon, Calif., was visiting Disneyland with his wife and daughters Saturday night when he happened on the already ailing dragon, its neck slumped, its fire-breathing jaw slackened, its body sinking low.

Oh my! That's sad!

It kinda reminds me of the poor Yeti at Expedition Everest. When was the last time anyone seen it working? We were there in December of 2009 and it wasn't working, and it wasn't working when we were there Thursday last week. Does Joe Rohde know about this? What's the point in having such amazing animatronics if it doesn't work most of the time? EE is still a fun attraction, but the non-working Yeti continues to be a disappointment, since that's the last thing that you remember at the end of the ride.


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