Sunday, March 16, 2008

WCPT March Meet

We had another one of our Windy City Pin Traders meet yesterday. Again, it was a wonderful meeting of friends who share the same interest - Disney Pins! We made a lot (and I mean A LOT) of pin trades and sales. Of course, since we just got back from WDW, we had not only orders from friends that we brought, but also a lot of new pins that people want (the "Mickey as Scoop Sanderson at Tower of Terror" pin was going like hot cakes!). So we managed to get lots of pins that we traded for.

Still, my jaw dropped when I saw this collection of pins.

Now, while I do have a few pins from Nightmare Before Christmas (I love this movie), I don't actually go out to collect them. But when I saw this complete set of pin of the Tarot card from Disney Imagineering, I knew that I wanted them. Since I collect sets anyway, I don't have to be collecting Nightmare Before Christmas to have this fit in with my collection. I ended up buying all of them. Let me tell you that this picture doesn't do them justice. They are gorgeous pins! I think these pins are limited to only 200 sets, and 50 of them are in framed sets. So I have a complete set of a really low edition number.


Like I said, it was a terrific pin meet. Now I have to put them in frames and figure out where I'm going to mount them. This may be difficult!


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