Friday, November 14, 2008

Daniel's Dream Came True

I will never get tired of reading trip reports like this.

A family from the UK with a son suffering from a muscular dystrophy disease gets to spend a wonderful vacation in Central Florida (including WDW, of course), thanks to the generosity of the community that they lived in.

And swimming with dolphins was definitely the highlight of the holiday for 15-year-old Daniel, who suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Mum Mary Lavery will treasure the pictures of a dolphin called Dixy playing with Daniel and rising up to give him a kiss for the rest of her life.

OK, so that was at Discovery Cove, not a Disney theme park, but who cares? Many of us are lucky enough to be in good health and be able to go to our favorite place many times. Stories like this reminds us how others can't do what we take for granted.

The other thing we overlook is how "friendly" most of the US is with regards to disabled access.

Daniel's stepdad Ian said the American approach to disability made it a lot easier to get around, and meant the family could relax more. They are so disability orientated in America," he said.

"They go out of their way, from companion toilets to automatic doors in restaurants and shops, and we never had a problem with access."

People living in other parts of the world, or anyone traveling overseas a lot, can tell you that such conveniences and accessibility are scarce.


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