Sunday, January 11, 2009

Disney to Install Defibrillators

Disney will start installing defibrillators at various attractions in WDW.

The company plans to install automated external defibrillators at nearly two dozen attractions across its four theme parks, including high-speed rides such as Expedition Everest, Mission: Space and the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

I was concerned that even with the defibrillators, one would still need someone trained to be able to use it. But it seems that the technology has advanced well enough that anyone could use the one made for the public.

But as the devices became easier to use -- some newer models audibly instruct users and sense whether the victim is suffering from a problem that requires a shock before actually delivering one -- Disney began to deploy them in more public areas. State lawmakers have also given businesses that install defibrillators protections from lawsuits.

I suppose that last part is another reason to have these devices. I hope that Disney will include in their park maps the locations of the defibrillators.


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