Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Disneyland Versus Walt Disney World

Disney fans (or fanatics) are usually united in many issues about Disney. However, the one thing that Disney fans really fight among themselves is the question of which is "better", Disneyland or Walt Disney World.

To me, this is pointless. One might as well argue about a favorite color. Each park has its own strength and weaknesses. My preference for WDW does not whatsoever reflects anything negative about Disneyland. I would rather be at any Disney theme park on any given day, even DCA! In any case, I went on a "mini-grand tour" a couple of years ago when I flew to California and did Disneyland Resort, and then flew to Orlando to finish off our vacation at WDW. In case you missed it, my full trip report can be found here.

What brought this question about is the "trip report" by a reporter that compares DL with WDW. On the whole, she got it right, except for the fact that she thinks that the castle at DL is "Cinderella Castle".

Cinderella's castle is much bigger and more impressive. We were actually surprised when we saw Cinderella's castle at Disneyland; it looked like they shrunk it. (And this wasn't our first time at Disneyland; it was our family's fifth visit. My husband worked here in college, and he swore the castle was smaller than he remembers. Are we crazy?)

While it is true that the castle at DL is considerably smaller than the one at the Magic Kingdom, the castle at DL is "Sleeping Beauty castle".


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