Friday, April 30, 2010

Donald's Great Adventure - Donald at Epcot

Hello there my fans! This is Donald Duck reporting from Epcot and the Flower and Garden Festival. It is a lovely setting, and I'm glad that I don't suffer from allergies, because this could be a nightmare.

They obviously know who's the boss here, because the put a topiary of Moi right at the entrance. Isn't he cute, just like me?

Ah, the World Showcase! I love the Lagoon. I spent many a lovely evening swimming in it!

Such beautiful flowers! I wonder if they are as tasty as they look?

Of course, I could not go anywhere without having my fans stopping me for a quick picture. These cast members are some of my biggest fans. Notice how they worship me by lifting me up high above their heads. Or in this case, on top of someone's head.

Some of my biggest fans are royalties. Which could create problems. I'd better not let Cindy sees this. She's the jealous type, even more so than Daisy.

Ah, the life of a Disney celebrity.


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