Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weinsteins and Disney in Exclusive Talks

Looks like the Weinsteins may get Miramax back from Disney after all! Disney has open a window to allow for exclusive talks with the Weinsteins in the sale of Miramax, the studio that the Winsteins created in the first place before selling it to the Disney.

Sources close to the situation confirmed that the sides have agreed to a short exclusive window for negotiating a deal pegged at about $625 million, most of it upfront in cash. It's also understood that Disney has decided to hang on to some of the films that were previously included in the package offered for sale.

I still think that it is too bad that Disney is abandoning the only truly-adult film division. I can see the idea that maybe they just don't have the mentality and the organization to know and to create such brand. It is just sad that it seems to signal that they don't care to cater much to the adult market.


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