Saturday, April 10, 2010

Last Gooding Supermarket Faces Eviction

The last of the Gooding supermarket faces the threat of eviction.

When we first got to WDW, Gooding supermarket was our favorite stop. It is convenient since it is at the Crossroad stripmall just at the doorstep of WDW. And since we used to stay in the Downtown Disney District area, the supermarket is very close. We would stop by to buy bottled water, fruits and cereal for breakfast, cheaper Disney souvenirs, etc.

But then, someone told us about a Winn-Dixie that was not that far away that has even better prices. In other words, Goodings is almost a "tourist trap" for tourists staying in the area and didn't know any better. So for the past several years, we've been shopping exclusively at the nearest Winn-Dixie and have stopped going to Goodings entirely. I suppose if you are staying in the Downtown Disney resort and don't have wheels, Goodings is a good place as any to get cheaper stuff than what you would pay at the hotel. But since we always rent a vehicle, driving up half a mile longer to buy the same stuff at an even cheaper prices is no big deal.

Too bad if Goodings has to close its doors. I'm sure it is serving its purpose for the tourists in that area.


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