Monday, April 05, 2010

Pin Celebration 2010 - Trade City, USA

If you are an avid Disney pin trader/collector, you would have known about this by now.

The 2010 Pin Celebration - Trade City USA is now open for registration. It was opened on March 31st, and there are a few new things being done this year. They have a special vinylmation event, a breakfast reception, and a dessert reception, all of which are at additional costs in addition to the event registration. They are also giving out the early bird registration pin to the first 750, rather than those who register before a certain date.

This event may turn out to be more popular than last year. An early indication that it might be is that the breakfast reception is already sold out less than 5 days after registration was opened. The other indication that this might be a better event is that this is the 10th anniversary year of Disney pin trading. One can only hope that they're going to pull out all stops and not do an "economized" version such as last year.

Yours truly will be attending this event, even though it will be in the middle of god-awful heat of the summer. I will, of course, be reporting from the event on here.


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