Monday, April 12, 2010

Bob Iger Having A Cinderella Moment?

This is a wonderfully-written piece on Bob Iger (yes, another one) by the New York Times as he navigates the company.

The new take on Mr. Iger? Let us count the ways: One of the most aggressive dealmakers in media (the $7 billion purchase of Pixar, the animation studio, and the $4 billion acquisition of Marvel, the comic book publisher and movie studio); a risk-taker who isn’t afraid to make decisions that rankle Disney’s own troops (ripping apart the wiring for how the company does business in Europe); and a guy who, more than any of his big-media counterparts, is retooling antiquated industry practice, particularly when it comes to movie-making.

In short: blockbuster C.E.O.

Y'know, sometime my priority is all messed up. You'd think that reading such a lengthy and in-depth article on the Disney CEO would focus my attention on this person. But nooooooo... guess what I was more interested in? The Dancing Mickey!

I'm such a sucker for merchandise like this (ref: Easter Donald Duck), and I've always complained that the Disney stores at the theme parks have boring merchandise. The products that they licensed and sold by other vendors tend to be a lot more interesting. So I'm paying attention to when this Dancing Mickey might come out this coming holiday season.


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