Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Donald Duck Accused Of Fondling Woman

What is this world coming to?

A woman has been given the green light to pursue a lawsuit against Disney for a fondling incident at Epcot.

April Magolon, 27, claims that the character grabbed her breast as she held her child at the Walt Disney World park. Then the wacky duck had the gall to joke about it, she says.

Magalon says the encounter caused post-traumatic stress in the form of nightmares, digestive problems and other permanent injuries.

Holy cow! One would think she caught a virus or was in an accident!

So far, all such lawsuit, as far as I know, have been dismissed after all the facts have been presented. We'll see if this is any different.

I hope this woman doesn't take commercial airlines and have to go through the complete patdown at security. I can only imagine the trauma and diseases she'll get after going through something like that.

BTW, how silly is that CBS webpage for showing Donald Duck in front of what I think is Disneyland Paris? Not only is it not Epcot (where the incident allegedly took place), but it is not even in the US!


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