Monday, January 24, 2011

Teaser Trailer for Tron 3 in Tron: Legacy Blu-Ray?

Yup, that's the rumor going around several websites of what we can expect from the upcoming Tron: Legacy Blu-Ray disc - teaser trailer for Tron 3, which has yet to be confirmed and filmed!

One scene includes not only Bruce Boxleitner as Alan Bradley but Dan Shor as Ram, one of the hero characters from the original film who never made it into Tron: Legacy. The idea behind Ram’s inclusion is that he was behind the “Flynn Lives” viral marketing campaign which rampaged out here in the real world before the release of Tron: Legacy in theaters. There’s some notion that the Ram we see in the teaser isn’t a program, but the real life programmer who created Ram in the original Tron movie.

Hum... an attempt at a storyline! How novel! :)

Well, we shall see. In the end, it is what's on the screen that matters and what we can judge on. This thing is probably a couple of years away in any case.


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