Monday, January 03, 2011

Lion King is Broadway's 7th Longest Show

The Lion King becomes the 7th longest Broadway show in history.

Walt Disney's Broadway production of The Lion King will celebrate another milestone when it plays its 5,462nd performance on Sun 2 Jan 2011 to become the seventh longest-running show in Broadway history.

The Lion King moves up the top ten list of long runs, passing Disney’s inaugural musical 'Beauty and the Beast.'

But the one thing I didn't understand with this news article is this part at the end:

The Lion King won six Tony Awards, including Best Musical, and is the 9th longest-running musical on Broadway, surpassing the record previously held by 'Miss Saigon.'

Eh? How could it become the NINTH longest-running MUSICAL when it is already the SEVENTH longer running BROADWAY SHOW? A Broadway musical is a subset of Broadway shows. {scratching head}


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