Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hong Kong Disneyland Attendance Climbs

Hong Kong Disneyland reported a smaller loss this past year primarily due to an increase in attendance.

The net loss shrank to HK$720 million ($93 million) in the 12 months ended Oct. 2 from a HK$1.3 billion loss a year earlier, according to a statement distributed in Hong Kong today. Park attendance increased 13 percent to 5.2 million visitors, boosting sales 19 percent to HK$3 billion.

The fact that a significant increase in percentage of the attendance were from mainland China should be worrisome for the future of this theme park. One can't help but expect that the about-to-be-built Shanghai Disneyland will inevitably draw away a large percentage of the current guests from Hong Kong Disneyland. I don't know how these two can exist and survive without one devouring the other.


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cyby said...

I actually think it would work out just fine. Somewhat different clienteles anyway. I think people from China go to HK not just to go to HKDL, but would just go to HKDL as a side trip if they had an extra few hours or an extra day. Likewise, I can't see people going to Shanghai just to go to SHDL. There will be a few, but by in large I think it may actually work out with how many Americans on the west coast may not trek out to WDW and east coasters don't quite head towards SoCal to go to DLR. Furthermore, there is 1.4 billion Chinese, and for many, Hong Kong is just closer than Shanghai...

I think we can expect some differences between HKDL and SHDL to distinguish the two.

I think one of the main problems with HKDL to Hong Kongers is that a good many of them have been to Tokyo, LA, Paris, or Orlando. It was quite disappointing and deflating by comparison. Hong Kong also has a lot to offer aside from having a Disneyland. While LA does, too, DLR is still after all the original one, and it's more "magical".