Saturday, January 08, 2011

Wild Africa Trek

This sounds like fun.

WDW is starting a new "adventure" for their guests called Wild Africa Trek. It will begin in Jan 16, 2011. Here's a brief description of what it is:

Join the ultimate animal adventure! Journey deep into Pangani Forest on a thrilling, privately guided expedition featuring close encounters with exotic wildlife species. Get closer than you ever dreamed possible to Nile crocodiles and massive hippos. Venture on to a VIP safari across an open savanna teeming with native African creatures!

Once-In-A-Lifetime Experiences

Dozens of massive Nile crocodiles patrol the jungle riverbed. Mammoth hippos move deftly underwater. You are there to see it all!

Adventurers are fitted with an expedition harness that attaches to an overhead track. Once your group reaches the riverbank, get a stunning look at the hippos, just 10 feet below. After a seemingly precarious trek across a rope bridge dangling over a throng of enormous crocodiles, experience another unbelievable view as you hang over the crocs' riverbed lair!

VIP Safari

Enjoy a brief hike onto a sweeping African savanna for a VIP safari, including a visit to an exclusive safari camp with incredible views of everything from towering giraffe to powerful rhinos.

The only thing we don't know now is how much this will cost. I'm guessing that the webpage will be updated once that info is available.

I hope it is easier to get than the Wanyama safari at Animal Kingdom Lodge!


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