Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Disney Launches Travel On Demand

So you've heard of video on demand and movies on demand from your cable or satellite system. But travel on demand? Disney seems to think it is possible.

Walt Disney Co. said Tuesday that it was launching travel-focused, video-on-demand programming that would let some cable television subscribers push a button on their remote and within 15 minutes get a call from a Disney reservation agent to book a vacation.

That sounds... er ... creepy! :) Still, I guess if you make it easy enough, impulsive viewer would do such a thing, although I don't know of how many people make a trip to WDW or Disneyland on an impulse, other than the locals.

Still, the channel will be doing some cool stuff, some of which have been roughly done by the existing Travel Channel.

The programming will take people behind the scenes via four shows, with new episodes every three weeks. "Making the Magic" is an "American Idol"-like reality series that follows an entertainer in his quest to become an elite performer at Walt Disney World Resort. "Disney Fact or Fiction" will examine urban legends about Disney parks. On "Dream Makers," unsuspecting guests can win various Disney experiences; and "Disney Travel Insiders," hosted by Elisabeth Hasselbeck of "The View," will offer travel tips.

If viewers like what they see, a reservation is close at hand, although travel agents won't be available in the middle of the night.

So insomniacs will have to wait. :)


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