Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Break From Being A WDW Passholder

As we are preparing to leave for WDW next week for the Pin Celebration event, we sat back the other day and discussed our future trips to WDW. Since we became annual Passholders in 2003, we've been to WDW at least twice a year. This made having the annual pass a money-saving step, not to mention, all the discounts and perks that one gets for being a passholder. When we became DVC members in 2005, renewing our annual passes became even cheaper. By then making 2, 3, and even 4 trips to WDW each year were no longer unusual.

But as with all things, situation changes. After this trip, we have none planned until December of 2011 (yes, some time we plan on things that far ahead). This is when we plan on doing the Disney cruise on the new ship, and then spend a few days at WDW after the cruise. Since our annual passes expire late November of this year, we started thinking if it would be not such a bad idea to not renew our passes this time around when it expires. This would not have been thought of a year ago, but after we bought our new house, and with priorities on what we're spending on start changing, we now no longer have plans on visiting WDW several times a year. We had already decided that we won't be making a trip to WDW this December, the first time we will miss the holidays at WDW in 2 years. This makes renewing our annual passes this time around no longer a good financial sense, especially when it would have expired by end of November of 2011, and we will have to buy a new one for our December 2011 trip.

So, hard as it may be, we decided not to renew our WDW annual passes. We came to the conclusion that, if we do decide to go to WDW some time next year before our December trip, we will buy it new then. With our DVC discount, we only have to pay about $50 more per annual passes when compared to a renewal, and we won't have to buy a new one in December when we know for sure we will be there. So come December 2010, for the first time since 2003, we will no longer be WDW annual passholder.


Hopefully, this unusual state will not last very long. I am not sure I can go more than 12 months without getting my WDW fix!


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