Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Disney Cruise and Teens

Teens, you say? Can they actually have fun on a Disney Cruise?

Sure they can! Read this!

Many people are still entrenched in their beliefs that Disney parks, and Disney cruises, are only for kids. Of course, many of us veterans Disney park guests know better and can provide many examples on why this is not true. For Disney cruises, anyone who has seen the many Disney cruises program on the Travel Channel can easily tell that such impression is also not correct. This article clears up such myth about Disney cruises.

The best part: The teens are engaged. And though this 11 day cruise is just a few hours old, they seem to already be connecting with other kids on board. That's a very good thing because as any parent knows who has traveled with a teen, if the teens are happy, everyone is happy. If they are sulking, mom and dad are miserable . "Don't knock the Disney cruise until you go," says 18-year-old Kayla Collazo, who is from Suburban Chicago and chose this trip as her high school graduation celebration. "Even if you aren't a Disney person, you'll love it. There is something for everybody."


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