Monday, August 16, 2010

Disney-Pixar World of Cars Online

Disney-Pixar virtual world of Cars online is now.... online! :)

World of Cars Online features include: -Create a Car - create a custom car with loads of modifications and upgrades to choose from -Meet Movie Characters - engage with characters in offbeat adventures and more -Explore the Open Road - play fun games and activities in Radiator Springs and beyond -Make New Friends - meet, chat and play with other Cars or race against them on a variety of tracks -Start a Racing Career - race to become the new Piston Cup Champ. Cars can work their way up from local dirt tracks to the national circuit -Build a Yard - outfit a yard for friends to check out and visit, and eventually build custom race tracks.

I haven't checked it out yet. If it is as addictive as Virtual Magic Kingdom, it should be good even for adults.


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