Sunday, August 08, 2010

Step Up 3D - Wowing the 3D

While it isn't a good movie, it appears that Disney's "Step-Up 3D" is wowing quite a few people due to its use of the 3D effect.

“Step Up 3D isn’t, in dramatic terms, a very good movie, but it’s the first film in a while to use 3-D as more than a marketing ploy; it points toward an original way of making a musical.” So often we think of 3-D as things flying out at the audience, but really, it’s about bringing us into the action. You feel like you’re on the dance floor during the battles, and when a member of a crew steps out in front of the others, it’s like you’re the one she’s serving. You’re able to appreciate the moves like never before because you actually get a sense of the motion — the speed, the flexibility, the control.

Hum... makes me almost want to go see it for myself ...... ALMOST!


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