Thursday, August 26, 2010

Registration Gifts

Since Patty asked about the gifts, here is a brief description of them.

The first give that we got was a t-shirt for the event. It is actually quite nice. Here is a look at the front and back of the shirt.

But the one that got ALL of us talking was this next one. Now, you must know first of all that one of the pins being offered for sale at this event is the mystery set consisting of "street" signs.

Now, we already decided that we're not going to purchase this at all, because we didn't want to get into the "buying" and trading mode to get the complete set. Well guess what, folks? In what I called the most evil AND brilliant move they've made, the gift to the event this is very elegant box that they called the "travel kit". It consist of a very well-made album box.
When you open it, you see THIS!
The top left and bottom left are pins included in this box. But the rest of the painted street signs are, get this, part of the mystery pins!! Holy cow!

So essentially, what they did, is made an enticement for us to get the mystery pin boxes to try and complete the whole damn box! Man, I'm suffering here. I was certain I wasn't going to buy this year's mystery pins. And now, I can feel my resistance melting like an ice cream in the Orlando's hot weather right now! I am not that strong to resist this! Like I said, this was evil and brilliant at the same time!

I anticipate a run on these mystery pin boxes tomorrow when the shopping opens at the pin event, and then a flurry of activity for people to trade what they need. Oh, I need help!


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