Monday, August 09, 2010

Magic Comes From the Movies, Financially

The Wall Street Journal looks ahead at the upcoming quarterly financial report from Disney. It highlights the possible major income from the Disney Studios division with both "Alice" and "Toy Story 3" revenues being included in the quarter.

The April to June period included a sizable chunk of monster box-office take for "Alice in Wonderland" and, thanks to an early home-video release, the first month of DVD and Blu-ray sales. On top of that, "Toy Story 3" took in $258 million domestically in June and went on to become the Pixar unit's second biggest-grossing title ever, behind "Finding Nemo."

It will be interesting to see how much those two movies have managed to bail out the Movie division. Only "Alice" can be completely attributed to the Disney Studios management decision, I suppose, since "Toy Story" is more of a Pixar product that many of us look upon as have a rather independent process.


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