Saturday, January 12, 2008

Disney For Dreamers, Not Daydreamers

OK, I love this "trip report".

It started out with a rather cynical granddaughter:

Therefore you can understand my concern when at Disney World last week my 9-year-old granddaughter informed me the theme, “Disney’s Year of a Million Dreams,” was cruel. She said you can’t believe in dreams because look at all the children standing in line that weren’t going to get fast passes to all the rides, or a night in Cinderella’s castle or to be grand marshal of a Disney parade. She said it was just mean and children shouldn’t believe that kind of stuff will happen to them.

I can understand that. After all, it is rather mean NOT to have given me a chance to stay in Cindy's Castle Suite after all the begging that I've done on here. :)

But wouldn't you know it, this grandmother (and her family) actually got picked and received the Dream Fastpasses (which we have gotten as well, also at Disney-MGM Studios).

That is until our last full day of vacation when we were in MGM. I decided to take in the animation show first thing while the rest of the family rode a roller coaster (something I’m not that fond of). While standing in line, a nice young man came out and talked about Disney’s year of a million dreams and then gave out special necklaces that allowed those wearing them to enter all the fast pass lanes to the big rides and shows for that day.

Thinking of that unbelieving granddaughter, I told the man that I was with family and they were on another ride. He gave me a necklace for each family member.

When we reunited, it was the 9-year-old who was the most astonished that out of the thousands of people in the MGM park that day, we were among those who had a dream come true. We spent the rest of the day riding to our heart’s content and I’m not worried about that little cynic anymore.

Isn't that a wonderful story? (The only minor gripe about it is that it is "Innoventions", not "Innovations" at Epcot. I initially didn't want to say this because she had a fright there of losing her grandchild.)

Now I know my strategy next time I'm at WDW. Make cynical remarks on how it is cruel to make people dream of something that they can never get. Then our group will split and do different attractions.

I'll report back to you to see if this works.



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