Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Search for First-Ever Disney Parks CMO

Do you have what it takes to be Disney's first ever Chief Magic Official? The search is on for the first CMO.

To prove that making dreams come true is no longer reserved for fairy godmothers, CareerBuilder.com today launched the search for the first-ever Disney Parks Chief Magic Official (CMO) who will spread magic during The Year of a Million Dreams.

But really, what are the qualifications?

The ideal CMO candidate must be happy, never grumpy; able to easily befriend dwarfs, dogs, monsters and mice; have good manners - but also be able to pillage and plunder with pirates when necessary. Also required: pockets full of pixie dust, an aversion to poisonous apples, an interest in oversized teacups and flying elephants and, most importantly, a belief in all things magical.

The position will require travel, including travel to Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts, during the week and some weekends and holidays. While traveling as the Disney Parks CMO, he/she will receive an hourly rate of compensation for hours spent performing the CMO role, as well as airfare, accommodations and a spending allowance.

Check! I'm there! :)


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