Saturday, September 12, 2009

All the scoop from D23 presentation of Disney parks and Resorts

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Chairman Jay Rasulo gave D23 attendees some behind-the-scenes scoop on several new projects in the works. Here's some of the jaw-dropping highlights:

* As Zeke had previously stated, Walt Disney World in Florida will expand the size of Fantasyland. It will practically double. Each princess will have her own land where you can visit her. For example, visit Belle and dine at the new Be Our Guest restaurant or grab a quick bite at Gaston's Tavern (be warned - he uses antlers in all his decorating!)

* For all you Dumbo fans out there, Walt Disney World in Florida is planning to double the size of the Dumbo attraction. It looks like there will be two rides adjacent to each other. And guests will be able to play interactive circus games in the line queue.

* Coming in 2012, you can also visit Tinker Belle and friends in Pixie Hallow. You'll feel like you have shrunken to the size of a fairy amongst the over sized grass and tree stumps.

* It's been previously announced that Disney is building new cruise ships. Castaway Cay is expanding to accommodate the larger ships, and a big water slide will be built on the island. The Disney Wonder will relocate to California.

*Hong Kong Disneyland has 3 new lands, over 12 acres: Grizzly Trail will include a roller coaster that runs backwards. Mystic Point will include the Mystic Manor, the Chinese version of our Haunted Mansion. And finally, Toy Story Land will house over sized characters from the movie.

*A fantastic preview of the new Carsland at Disneyland California was previewed. The area will include Luigi's Flying Tires, which will be an updated version of the Flying Saucers bumper cars ride (and with better technology comes a better ride). Radiator Springs Racers will use the best of the Test Track technology to allow guests ride in the Cars race cars.

*Perhaps one of the funniest bits from rasulo's presentation came when he announced that Star Tours was closing. There was a gasp of surprise from the audience. before he could explain further, a small army of Storm Troopers appeared on stage with Darth Vader. Vader demanded to know what he meant, and Rasulo explained they would be creating a bigger better Star Tours adventure by 2014. Darth Vader pressed him to have it completed by 2011. Rasulo had the audience don their 3D glasses and he showed a preview of the new attraction's film.

*As guests left the arena, they were given a limited edition numbered poster for the new Star Tours attraction.

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