Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Cyrus and Disney Thrilled About Gay Dancing Video

OK, this is just waaaaay too much fun that at first, I thought this report is a parody. Still, it might be true.

It appears that a video made by someone of a group of gay men having a vacation in "F.I.P" (which I would guess to mean "Fire Island - Pines") by using Miley Cyrus tune "Party in the U.S.A" has caught on not only with a lot of fans (has it gone viral yet?), but also with Cyrus and the Disney people!

The singer admits she's "obsessed with this video," and Disney chiefs, who are usually quick to seek legal recourse against all copyright infringements are reportedly eager to get hold of the man behind the promo, so that he and Cyrus can hook up for publicity.

It is a well-made and fun video! Who knows how long it will be up and if Disney might change its mind about the use of this tune. Still, in the mean time, I'm embedding it here. So see it while you can!


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