Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Behind the Scenes at D23 Expo

Now that the first ever D23 Expo is in the history books, here's an article that looks back at the amazing fan convention.

It was an interesting experiment in one of the few burgeoning trends in media today, a move toward selling already-loyal customers premium memberships that offer access to things they wouldn't normally see. It was a small glimpse at how an industry hungry for growth is trying new ways to find it. And it gave new meaning to the term "Mickey Mouse Club."

Certainly, it is a Mickey Mouse Club for adults!

But as interesting as this news article is, what was more interesting for me is the video clip that is embedded in the article. It is a 17-minute interview with Bob Iger that covers not only the Walt Disney Company, but a little bit about himself. There is a short description of how he celebrated his 35th year in the company towards the very end of the video which I found endearing.


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