Monday, September 07, 2009

Luxo Files Lawsuit Against Luxo Jr.

The Norwegian lamp company Luxo is suing Pixar and the Walt Disney Company for the plans to include a limited edition Luxo Jr. lamp with the forthcoming release of "Up" on Blu-Ray.

Norwegian lamp maker Luxo filed a lawsuit Thursday in federal court in New York accusing Pixar and parent Walt Disney Co. of infringing its copyright by selling a limited-edition Luxo Jr. lamp packaged with a Blu-ray version of the Disney/Pixar movie "Up."

Luxo said in the suit that the sale of the Pixar lamps would "cause devastating damage to Luxo."

It will? How?

I don't know about you, but I'm getting one as soon as it is released!


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Anonymous said...

Luxo makes powder finished steel lamps that last a lifetime. Sudenly Disney comes up with a *plastic* lamp called "Luxo Jr." as a promotional item? I can easily see how this treatens their reputation as manufacturer of high quality lighting products.

Also Jac Jacobsen Industries holds the legal right to the name "Luxo" in connection with lighting products, and they have every right to protect their trademark from knock-off products.

Disney is very active in protecting it's properties, so really, they should have known better.