Monday, September 07, 2009

Donald's Great Adventure - Back at Woodfield Mall

For some strange reason, my Handler was back at the Woodfield Mall again for the second day in a row. He must be awfully bored.

Still, I had a nice visit with all my pals at the Disney Store. My Handler thought it would be "cute" for me to sit on the railing, which has a long drop down to the first floor. Is there a law against the endangerment of a Disney plush?

We then made out way back to the Disney Doorway to Dreams center because, you guessed it, Handler ZapperZ wanted to do some pin trading. So while he was busily pin-trading away, I decided to just sit and chill out. I like this place - it is always nice and cheerful.

Of course, being as famous and popular as I am, it didn't take long before I'm surrounded by adoring fans. And as I've mentioned before, cast members just simply love me to pieces. Cast member Steve at the DDD center was just dying to have a picture taken with me.

I told him that if he wants another picture with me, he should lose the hat. Mickey has enough publicity as it is already. I think it is about time that Disney makes Donald Duck hats, don't you think? It will be a big hit.

By the end of the day, I was very tired and took a nap in my Handler's bag.


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