Monday, September 14, 2009

Interview With "Tron Legacy" Producer

This is a very interesting interview with "Tron Legacy" producer Sean Bailey. Of course, he couldn't spill the beans on many aspects of the movie, it still, there's quite a bit of insight into the movie and the storyline. For example:

Are there any iconic throwbacks to the original movie? Do we see Encom's laser bay again? The place with the giant door?

Oh, you mean where Jeff Bridges said, "Now that's a big door!"? Yes, there are a lot of those little Easter eggs like that. I think that people that know the first movie really well will appreciate them. When you get the guys who write Lost, it is just in their blood.

I'm sure by the time the movie comes out, there'll be someone doing a list on all the Easter eggs in the movie.


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