Friday, September 11, 2009

Disney Sells "Princess and the Frog" at D23 Expo

While it is like preaching to the choir, it is nevertheless a necessary step to first and foremost convince the avid Disney fans to go see the hand-drawn "Princess and the Frog". This is what Disney tried to do with the Bob Iger opening speech at the D23 Expo yesterday.

"Nowhere do we shine more brightly than in classic Disney animation," Iger said to applause as he announced the 30-minute screening, adding, "Promise me you'll go see the rest when it opens."

Extracting such an assurance from hard-core Disney fans might not be difficult. But with the wider public, "Princess and the Frog" presents potential obstacles.

That's absurd. There can't be that many irrational people who won't see a movie simply because it is hand-drawn and not computer-generated. It is all in the STORY. Are these the same people who predicted that "Up" isn't going to be successful because the story about an elderly gentleman and an adult theme won't appeal to kids? As Donald would say "Phooey!"


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