Sunday, September 06, 2009

Donald's Great Adventure

Since we now have my friend Patti being our guest blogger while she's in California attending all these amazing Disney events, I thought I should also invite another good friend of ours to also do his own blogging. I'm sure you all know him (and his temperament) very well, especially since he celebrated his 75th birthday this year. So please welcome Donald Fauntleroy Duck to My Disney Mania blog.

Donald travels all over the place, and will report on all of his fine adventures. But as many of a place that he has been too, he still longs to go back to Walt Disney World, where he is the happiest and least cranky - at least, until someone starts playing the Mickey Mouse Club theme song.

So without further delay, I'll hand this over to Donald, who has been hovering over my key board since I started typing this.


Hello everyone! I'm Donald Duck!

My Handler ZapperZ said that I should earn my keep and start reporting all of my great adventures. I love that idea, because it will mean that I will be taken out of the bag that he puts me in more often. It is dark in there and there are these sharp, pointing metals that he puts me next to. He calls them "pins". I call them a pain in the.... {ZapperZ told me not to type that word}.

I hope you will get a quack out of all the places I go to. Please write if you like them. I love fan mail and I want to get more than Mickey. If you don't like them, well then, PHOOEY!


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